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  • Kids at Mission of Hope

    It incredible how tiny the globe is becoming. I created a buddy by way of the world wide web named Rene Edme. She and her husband Lex run a college and now care for 32 orphans in GrandGoave Haiti, just west of PortauPrince. We have written for months and I have discovered a lot from her. Our initial conversations revolved around Moringa but in a brief time we became close friends.

    Rene operation is named Mission of Hope. Her husband is the pastor of their church, and they run a college which educates 500 children. While they are not formally an orphanage, they had 32 orphans dropped into their laps final year. What could they do but convert classrooms to dorm rooms and commence caring for these desperately ill children. I satisfied to say they looked great final week.

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